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Grimsby Archers Archery Club has a history of over 50 years of continuous membership and just recently in 2002 Grimsby Archers Junior club was formed. We are a friendly group aged 10 to 80 with a wide variety of backgrounds and wide range of archery skills from beginners to archers with over 50 years experience. Our members shoot a wide range of bows, from the traditional longbow to highly technical compound bows.



We shoot at  Matthew Humberstone Upper School  (click for map) on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am to 1 pm (beginners 10-30 am-12-00pm Saturdays). This venue consists of large fields for outdoor target archery and a sportshall where we can shoot indoors if the weather is too poor to shoot outdoors.

Local directions to Matthew Humberstone Upper School (from Humberstone Road driving from St Georges Stadium towards Tescos, turn left into Davenport Drive before you reach Pennels garden center. Turn first right into Balmoral Road and  first right again by the Crowsnest pub into Chatworth Place. The school entrance is immediately on your left. Follow the signs for the sports hall.


Some of our club facilities are available 24 hours 7 days a week to members, but beginners are encouraged to attend on Saturday mornings 10-30am-12pm at Matthew Humberstone Upper School. Contact the club secretary for details of the next course. 


We are authorised by the Grand National Archery Society to run regular "Introduction to Archery " courses suitable for beginners. The aim of the course is for you to learn the basics of how to shoot safely and effectively with bow and arrow. At the same time, it is an inexpensive way to get a real taste for our sport without the cost of equipment. On this course we supply all of the equipment required, the instructor and the insurance, so all you need is you. Price 18 for six weeks. 

At times this course is very popular and we may have a waiting list for places.

Our minimum age is 10 years old. We expect a certain standard of behaviour from our beginners and members. 
All beginners, members and visitors must observe our safety rules, act in a safe, fair and sportsman-like manner and show respect to the other members of the club. The club reserves the right to refuse any person not behaving in an appropriate manner.

To comply with current legislation, in particular the childrens act and care act, juniors MUST be accompanied by an adult, and there MUST ALWAYS be 2 adults present AT ALL TIMES WHEN JUNIORS ARE PRESENT one of whom must be a GNAS member.

What about buying Equipment?

As I said earlier, we supply all of the equipment you need during our "Introduction to Archery" course, and then for a reasonable period afterwards, until you are ready to invest in equipment of your own. We strongly recommend that you should NOT attempt to purchase your own equipment until you have completed the course, and then ONLY with the guidance of an experienced  archer. Ignoring this advice, you run the risk of wasting your money on poor quality equipment that may be unsuitable for you, and may result in damaging the equipment or injuring yourelf or someone else.


After the training course, if you decide archery is for you, you will be invited to join the club as a full member. Annual membership of Grimsby Archers is 60 for adults plus 33 per year  for membership of the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS). Membership of the GNAS includes insurance cover, classification, handicap and incentive schemes, access to coaching and is required to take part in most competitions.
Annual membership of Grimsby Archers Juniors is 30.  Membership of the Grand National Archery Society free for members of the junior club.
Where 2 or more members are from the same family, they benefit from 25% discount on club membership (applicable to junior club, senior club or mixture of both)
Family discount is not applicable to GNAS membership.

What about Competitions?

Many of our members choose to take part in competitions, either at friendly club shoots or more seriously at county level and above. Competitions are as much about taking part as about winning and are a great way of meeting people and making even more new friends. For those who wish to take part, there is a competition or event somewhere in the county of Lincolnshire most weekends throughout the year.

What Now?

Interested? Either come along and have a chat, or contact us by email or phone 01472 500806 for for more information or to book a place on our course.


Official Stuff

The Committee

Secretary: Chris Petchey
Treasurer: Elizabeth Petchey
Chairman : Kelvin Oldham
Records : John Rodger
 Child Protection Officer: Andrew Harrison
 Equipment Officer: Rick Seddon
Postal League Co-ordinator: Ashley Beckett
County Representative: (Post left vacant)

The information shown here is for information only, and is not a binding statement of club policy.