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There always has to be rules, so here they are:

  1. All shooting must be carried out to the GNAS rules of shooting
  2. All claims for awards must be accompanied by the original score sheet, signed by the archer and scorer
  3. The "round" for claims must be shot as three dozen arrows following a maximum of six sighters, using a 122 cm five zone scoring target face.
  4. The first 3 dozen scored arrows of the first distance of a longer round may be submitted as a claim. Club target days and club practise are valid as long as two archers are shooting.
  5. Once an archer has successfully claimed an award, lower awards may not be claimed, and rounds shot before the round submitted for the successful claim will not be accepted, even for higher awards
  6. Unsuccessful or ineligible claims will be considered as though not submitted and therefore will not affect any future claims in respect of rule 5
  7. All claims must be submitted to the scheme administrator within 30 days of the round being shot
  8. All claimants will be notified as soon as possible and awards made thereafter.