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30 August, 2002

Minutes of the Grimsby Archers Extra-Ordinary meeting held at Grimsby Archers Club room, Garth Lane on Thursday 29th August 2002

Those present: G. Crampin (sec), C. Light (treas), I. Sherratt (chair), C. Petchey (c'tee), J. Quinn, R. Greenbury, P. Hogan, A. McArthy, K.Oldham, J. Rodger, H. Frayne, G. Sherratt, T. Beech, E. McHardy

Apologies from P Lynskey

G. Crampin opened the meeting at 8pm and explained that due to his imminent departure from the area to take up a place at Manchester University, he felt it would be impossible for him to continue as club secretary and was resigning the post with immediate effect. It was necessary therefore to elect a new secretary. As C. Petchey was the only candidate for the post, G. Crampin proposed him for the post and K. Oldham seconded the motion. A unanimous vote decided C. Petchey as club secretary.

The post of club records officer, also currently held by G. Crampin would also become vacant, and after a lengthy explanation of what the role involved, J. Rodger was the only willing candidate for the post. C. Petchey duly proposed J Rodger as clubs records officer and G. Crampin seconded the motion. The members then voted unanimously by show of hands in agreement with the motion. G Crampin took this opportunity to pass round the current list of club records, which he had recently, collated.

Item 2 on the agenda was the proposal by C Petchey to officially split the club into a junior and senior sections. With both clubs sharing the same facilities, this would mean no difference to way that the members use the club. However, C. Petchey explained that a junior club can register with the GNAS and for a single club payment of 50 per year, ALL junior members and 2 senior "helpers" get GNAS membership at no extra cost. As GNAS membership is required to attend many of the target tournaments, C Petchey thought that many parents saw individual junior GNAS membership (currently 16 each) as a considerable outlay for a first tournament, when the junior in question may not wish to continue in competition. C. Petchey went on to explain that on the administrative side, both clubs could have the same officers with separate paper work being maintained for the 2 clubs. With the GNAS year running from the beginning of October, it was necessary to have the club established in principal before that date, to prevent any existing junior members renewing their GNAS memberships unnecessarily. An additional point was raised by H Frayne that many funding bodies tended to look more favourably on junior clubs than on clubs that are mainly adult oriented. P. Hogan proposed that the junior club system could be run as a trial period for 1 year and then reviewed at the end of that period. G Crampin seconded the proposal and the vote was unanimous in favour of the motion.

Item 3 on the agenda began with a report by C Petchey on the success of Grimsby Archers 50th Anniversary Open tournament. 32 archers from across the Lincolnshire County attended, including some from Grimsby Archers for whom this was their first "proper" tournament. In the light of this success and the favourable comments made by those attending, C Petchey proposed that the club should hold more tournaments of this type. In addition, it has been suggested by county officials that Grimsby should bid for some of the "county" tournaments and in particular, the county indoor championships, in light of the loss of the Riseholme sports hall facility which has hosted the event in previous years, and the shortage of suitable venues in the county. R.Greenbury suggested forming a tournament committee to ensure that any events receive consistent and reliable support in planning and execution. R.Greenbury also expressed concern at the level of increase in club subs to fund such events, so C Petchey reminded the members that the 50th anniversary tournament had not only been self financing, but in fact had returned a reasonable profit. After further discussion, it was decided that the members were in favour in principal to more events being hosted by Grimsby Archers and that a tournament committee should be formed at the next AGM; the available dates for such events should be investigated in association with Matthew Humberstone school; and a proposal be formed to take to the Lincolnshire County Archery Society AGM on 20th October 2002.


R. Greenbury asked for a statement on the continued viability of the use of Matthew Humberstone School on Saturday and Sundays, and the use of Grimsby Rugby Union Football Club. In reply, C Petchey reported that although actual figures were not available at that moment, the Saturday morning at MH was being reasonably well supported with a number of beginners courses being run at that venue during the summer. Unfortunately, the Sunday morning is less well supported with a core of 4 regular supporters. The school management are aware of the clubs attempts to build on the membership and are therefore, for the time being, willing to allow the club to continue using the grounds at the current low fee, but warn that if another club wants to make use of the facility, we will have to review our arrangement. The moral of this is USE IT OR we may LOSE IT! Matthew Humberstone School fields and sports hall are a first class venue and it would be criminal to let this slip through our fingers! The rugby club has had regular support from a small group of members throughout the summer, but it would be appropriate at the AGM to review whether or not to continue with this partnership next year, in particularly deciding whether the 100 is a good use of club funds. In closing, C Petchey pointed out that both the school and the rugby club have attracted a good deal of interest from passers by, which has resulted in some beginners courses, and has been instrumental in one of the main objectives for this year, namely raising the public awareness of our club.

J. Rodger told the members that he recently used the Novartis shooting grounds for the first time and commented that whilst he thinks the ground is quite a good facility, he asked whether it would be possible to upgrade the equipment stored there, in particular the bosses and stands. Whilst there are quite a number of bosses on site at Novartis, they are all in quite a poor state with very soft centres. There simply is not room to add any new bosses without disposing of some of the old ones. Some discussion followed about whether or not to dispose of any of the current Novartis stock, and the best way to achieve this. This issue remains unresolved.

C Light proposed a vote of thanks to Glen Smith for his hard work in repairing the roof of the building and hopes are for a drier winter in the club room.

T Beech proposed a vote of thanks to G Crampin for his contribution to the running of the club as secretary and records officer, and on behalf of the club, wished him well in his future at university

The meeting closed at 8:50pm