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Indoor Evening Shooting

Wednesday evening  indoor shooting will take place at Wintringham School, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, starting 5th November 2003. Enter the school by the first entrance on Weelsby Avenue and park on the netball courts between the fenced in area and buildings on the left of the driveway. Shooting will be 7-9pm, so please arrive a little early to help setup. Access to the gym will be through the fire doors which cannot be opened from the outside. There will be NO club equipment available at this site so only members with their own equipment please!

AG M 2003

The Club Annual General Meeting took place on 9th September 2003 at the Crows Nest Public House in Cleethorpes. Full minutes are now available on request from the club secretary. Notable points of the meeting were:

  1. New constitution accepted. Copies of the new constitution are available on request from the club secretary
  2. Changes in the commitee: New treasurer, Liz Petchey.  3 new posts created, Child protection Officer Andrew Harrison, Equipment Officer Rick Seddon, Postal Leagues Co-ordinator Ashley Beckett
  3. The out-going treasurer failed to produce a financial report that was accpetable to the committee.

Grimsby Archers Tournament Cancelled

The Western tournament due to take place on Sunday 10th August 2003 has been cancelled due to lack of interest. By the official closing date of Wednesday 6th August, we had only received 2 entries from outside the club and 5 entries from club members. This is not enough to justify the cost (both monetary and in time and effort) of staging the tournament. The organisers are understandably disappointed in this outcome as a lot of work had already been done to prepare this event.

Brocklesby Show

Due to a lack of people with the time to put into organising the Grimsby Archers stand at this years Brocklesby Show, added to an increased level of requirements by the show organisers, the decision has been taken that we should not take part in this year's show. We will review our position in time for next year's show

County Records by the bucket

Grimsby Archers Graham Crampin (Compound) set another county record when he came home from Manchester University for easter. He beat his own existing record in the Hereford round at the Friskney Easter Monday shoot on 21st April 2003 COUNTY RECORDS

At the same shoot, junior compound archer Chris Whitworth also set new county record for the Bristol 2. This is Chris' 3rd county record THIS YEAR! Well done Chris! COUNTY RECORDS

Club Constitution

The club constitution is to be reviewed. The club constitution forms a set of rules that govern how the business of the club is carried out. It is most important that these rules are clear and cover as many things that can happen to the club and its members. In this way, we all know where we stand and there is less chance of any member being treated unfairly.

A draft copy has been published in PDF format and can be read by clicking this link or downloaded by RIGHT CLICKING this link and selecting SAVE TARGET from the menu.



If you do not have adobe acrobat reader you may download it for free by clicking this link

 I urge all members to read it. If there is anything in it you dont understand, please ask me, the club secretary and I will be happy to explain. If there is anything you think should be in this document which is missing, or anything you think is wrong, then please tell me, preferably in writing (email or paper) so that I dont forget.

Once the constitution document is in a fit state to use, there will be a meeting of the club to vote the new constitution in to being.

Evening Shooting starts

We are commencing evening shooting sessions at Matthew Humberstone Upper School on Tuesday 15th April 6:15pm till dark, and every Tuesday thereafter, weather permitting as we will be outdoors. There will be NO indoor alternative for this session. Members with their own equipment only please. Adults may wish to retire to the Crows Nest Public House after the session to reflect on life and subjects toxophilistic.

New Badge Scheme

April sees the introduction of the new incentive scheme the 200 BADGE. 7 badges to collect, starting with very easy, then each badge a takes a little more skill and practise to earn

Click this link for more details

Easter Egg Shoot & Winter Indoor League Awards Presentation

Saturday 12 th April 2003 and we discovered the secret to getting all Grimsby Archers to turn up. Chocolate Easter Eggs!
Two and a half dozen arrows at a fixed distance according to the archer's ability and we had a competition with the best prizes of all.
After the competition, all the juniors had done so well, we felt they all deserved a prize.
The shoot was finished off with the presentation of the awards for the Winter 2002/3 Indoor League. See results page

50 years a Grimsby Archer

In 2002 Grimsby Archers celebrated its 50th anniversary, and although sadly, none of the founders are still members,in 2003 Harold Frayne celebrates his 50th year as a Grimsby Archer this year.

Harold joined the club in 1953, the year after the formation of the club. He has been club secretary, a european champion and bowyer in his long history. Although today Harold is content with shooting a few arrows with his longbow, he can still show many of us a thing or two about hitting a target.

In recognition of Harolds committment to the club, we have presented him with an award for lifetime contribution to Grimsby Archers and the sport of Archery, and to celebrate his 50th year as a Grimsby Archer.

Graduation Day

With another beginners course successfully completed, I am pleased to announce that Jeff Tucker, Sheila Oldham and George Staples all completed the course and were awarded certificates. Jeff and Sheila have both taken up their membership options straight away and we look forward to seeing them both on our shooting line this year.

No shooting days cancelled

The Sports Development unit have cancelled their booking for Sunday March 9th and Sunday March 23rd 2003 which means the archery club can use the facilities as normal.

Archers get Lottery Grant

After some serous hard work behind the scenes, Grimsby Archers have been successful in our bid for lottery funding. The Awards For All fund have granted us 4280 to pay for equipment and coaching development during the next year. The aim of the project is to encourage new people into the sport, and at the same time, enable existing archers to achieve their potential.

Awards for All

Club Room Closed

At a general meeting of the membership of the club on Tuesday 25th February 2003 a vote was taken on a recommendation from the committee to close the club room and terminate the rental agreement. The motion was passed unanimously by the members. Therefore, with immediate effect the club room in Garth Lane is no longer available for use.

The reasons for the recommendation were

(1) We have been unable to secure public liability insurance for the club room in Garth Lane. This presents an unacceptable risk to the members who would be personally liable for any compensation won by any person having an accident on the premises

(2) The club room was becoming too big a drain on the clubs limited resources to be sustainable for the few people who were using it. With all of the club subs in, and over 1000 in outstanding bills for the club room before the end of the year, it was uneconomical to keep spending the 1200+ to keep the club room open

The treasurer is to approach the landlords agents to terminate the rental agreement asap, and arrangements will be made to clear the remaining property from the clubroom.

For full official minutes of the meeting click here

Mayor to present prizes

The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire has accepted an invitation from Grimsby Archers to act as Lord Paramount at the Lincolnshire County Indoor Championships hosted at Grimsby in March.

County Coaches coming to Grimsby Archers

County Coaches Kay and Paul will be holding coaching sessions at Matthew Humberstone Upper School on Saturdays 1st February, 1st March and 5th April. Normal target fee applies PLUS 1 per archer towards the coaches expenses. Paul and Kay are giving their time for free, we just have to pay their travelling costs. The sessions will start at 10am PROMPT! 

No Shooting Days

Matthew Humberstone School will be closed for shooting on the following dates, due to prior arrangement.

MARCH 9th 2003 and MARCH 23rd 2003. 

Grimsby to Host County Shoots

Following the AGM of the Lincolnshire County Archery Society, LCAS have accepted Grimsby Archers offers to host the County Indoor Championships on March 16th 2003 and the County FITA on July 6th 2003.

Success at Boston (January)

Team Grimsby Archers came second in the Friskney Bowmen January Indoor Tournament, being beaten by just 20 points by Pilgrim Bowmen of Boston. Dean Page (U18 Compound) was first in his category. Well done Dean!

Beginners Graduate

A record number of beginners have finished their beginners courses since October

Congratulations to Paul Tucker, Richard Seddon, Alan Vine, Valerie Taylor, Neil Taylor, Rory Campbell, Ben Randall, Ben Marris, Eddie Turner, Charlie Black and Kirsty Hughes. Eight of these graduates took out their full membership straight away and we wish them good luck in their futures in archery

H&LSponsorship deal

H & L Garages have agreed to sponsor a number of challenge trophies for our open tournament in August. It has been suggested the this tournament, originally the Grimsby Archers 50th Anniversary Tournament should be renamed the Grimsby Archers H &  L tournament. We are hopeful that a representative of H & L will honour us by being Lord/Lady Paramount on the day.